Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the online services of Sprockit TV


This policy describes what user information is stored, processed and viewed based on the use of the online services of Sprockit TV. Sprockit TV strives to handle personal information with the utmost care



User: the website visitor who uses the services Sprockit TV provides through its website such as the registration of an account

Visitor: the website’s visitor

Website: the website and the online application (app) Sprockit TV

Mobile application: the application which can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Data: the personal data of a user, processed by TradeCast


Processing data

.To provide an optimal use of the website, Sprockit TV processes website user and visitor data. User data is used to personalize the service and, if accepted, to make personalized offers


Information regarding user and visitor behavior on the website is stored and processed, to gain insight into the behavior of visitors of the website and to better cater the website to their behavior. All information regarding user behavior is anonymized. Sprockit TV saves the first- and last-name and in case of a Facebook registration of the age


Inspection and correction

User data can be viewed in each user’s unique profile, where users have access to and where they can also correct their personal information. Destruction of data can be requested by sending an email to: , with subject "Request data destruction”. The email should also name the specific user and the corresponding user email address


Use of cookies

  Sprockit TV uses cookies to optimize use of the website. These cookies are used to store the Sprockit TV users/visitor settings, for example to remember the volume of a video. In addition, cookies are used to analyze user behavior on the site and to customize the user experience accordingly. You can delete your cookies through the cookie management feature of your specific web browser


Websites/web pages of third parties

The Sprockit TV website may contain links to websites and/or services of others. Despite the care taken in presenting links to websites and/or services of third parties, Sprockit TV is not responsible for content of third party websites. It is advisable to read the terms and privacy policies of these websites before using them



Sprockit TV takes the greatest possible care to secure processed user data as best as possible.


Submitting contributions by registered users

By submitting a user contribution via the mobile application, intellectual property rights and/or similar rights - as far as these lie with the user - are transferred to Sprockit TV, without Sprockit TV needing to compensate the user. If this transfer requires further action from the user, the user will cooperate fully with what Sprockit TV requests. If transfer of intellectual property rights and/or similar rights on the contribution of the user is not possible, the user hereby grants Sprockit TV exclusive, perpetual, sub-licensable and transferable rights to use the contribution. The user hereby waves any and all moral rights, to the extent that the applicable legislation allows such a distance. By transferring or licensing the user contribution, Sprockit TV is entitled to limitlessly use the contribution and distribute it through any media and in any form, including through television programs and websites



Sprockit TV reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Statement at any time, effective  immediately, without being obliged to inform users and/or visitors thereof



"Questions and comments regarding the privacy policy can be directed to with the subject line “Privacy policy Sprockit TV